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R0shanara Ebrahim
Quantum healing & Hypnosis Practitioner /
Conscious Sensuality Life Coach.
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Give yourself permission to step forward into Growth, Love, Health, True happiness & Peace within.

Roshanara is a certified advanced level QHHT Practitioner taught by Dolores and Julia Cannon. Teachers that she has profound love and respect for. She successfully completed her  advanced level course in Cusco, Peru in 2019.


She is also a Conscious Sensuality Practitioner trained by Robert Silber and other great teachers. She completed her certification in Hawaii in February 2020.


Roshanara is the founder of Jade Rituals - An online store which deals in exclusive Nephrite Jade Products from British Colombia.


Before this, she was Miss World Kenya 2017 and graduated Law at the University of Nairobi.

On her journey to explore life and her quest for knowledge, identity and healing, she has been on many adventures around the world and varied inter - dimensional frequencies via meditation, astral travel, plant medicine retreats, Yoga, QHHT, Kaballah practice,The Akashik records, Reiki, NLP, EFT, Psychic downloads and 5D synchronicity. She works specifically with the Archangels, Ascended masters and the intergalactic federation of Arcturians and Pleiadeans also known as The Council of light. She had her mind, body and spirit awakenings in different settings and psychically downloads geometrical symbols containing knowledge of fibonacci fractals, universal laws, quantum physics and a profound knowing of the energy of all that is. As above so below, as within so without. We are creators of our reality. The bottom line is that the ancients knew what scientists are still beginning to realize. You have the power to tap in to this knowledge too. Her practice has no religious nor occult affiliations.

She stands for raising our collective consciousness and stepping into our own truth and personal power knowing that we are connected to an all knowing source of unconditional love and compassion and to welcome The New Earth.


We do this through accepting ourselves as we are, becoming more aware of our true nature and purpose, transmuting limiting beliefs, fear and doubt and transcending into higher and more enlightened versions of ourselves.

She has great respect and has evolved greatly with leaders in the field such as Drunvalo Melchizedek, Plato, Leonardo Da Vinci, Tesla, Rumi, Eckhart Tolle, Esther Hicks, Joe Dispenza etc. Her favorite authors are James Redfield, Paolo Coehlo, Paul Selig and Dolores Cannon. She reaffirms the resonance of her downloads through The Emerald Tablets, The Flower of Life volumes and the core vibration of all major holy books including the Tao Te Jing.


Lets Talk magick...


Pre Induction Interview

The Pre induction interview establishes trust and rapport between the client and the facilitator and enables the setting of intentions, a crucial step in the profound process of focused healing and accessing deeper dimensions of knowledge of the self and life purpose.

Past Life Regression

Consciousness is energy- It is neither created nor destroyed, It simply lives on. Each life has a lesson, without the realization of which, the infinite 'loop'(I call it- The karmic wheel) is activated. Time does not heal all wounds, consciousness does. Awareness is a choice, Life is made of choices. Discover yourself.

Access Higher Self

The higher self AKA The over soul or the super conscious is the most evolved essence of your being. This higher vibrational self connects you to the divine source- The all knowing, omnipresent source of  unconditional love and light, this is where deeper life questions are answered and spontaneous healing occurs.



Extremely high vib, professional practitioner that allows you to be yourself with no judgement. The site name is brilliant and aligned too - Love and light. I achieved life changing results and am on a conscious journey to self actualization. Thank you.
Robyn Bamber - Johannesburg, South Africa.
Kaya Wittenburg -
Miami, FL.