Home Based Therapy

Home based therapy can be more effective where the client is concerned about mobility or privacy issues. In these scenarios, case by case discretion will be applied.

Intensive Sessions

Healings for cigarette and alcohol addictions, obesity and depression among many others can and will be facilitated  upon request.

Corporate Packages

A more productive human being is characterized as one who is balanced mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally. This technique will ensure added value to your teams overall wellbeing and productivity.

Couples Therapy

Through experience, It has been understood that relationships more than often mirror emotional triggers in each partner. In essence, it takes one to know one. Healing and raising the emotional and spiritual awareness in both partners ensures a happier sense of well being for the couple and generations that follow.

Surrogate Sessions

If a client needing Quantum healing is unable to attend a meeting or is under age, a close third party can undergo the procedure for them. A sincere intention and permission from the higher self is mandatory.

Meditations and alternative advice.

We offer meditation sessions and OM chanting circles to balance out chakras and for overall well-being and source alignment. We are also open to conversations about alternative methods of enlightenment such as higher vibrational plant medicine retreats and light treatments among other methods of raising collective consciousnes.