Kundalini rising

Days like these leave me in awe!

I’m still seeing light orbs and feeling so high vibrational right now.

I genuinely felt the shift of my ego lock before this new moon earlier today and had a wonderful and enlightening kundalini yoga session through the transition into Leo and my higher self.

I feel so so blessed on this journey I call life, I’m nowhere close to perfect, I’m not yet enlightened but I sure as hell am aware and on a very deep conscious soul journey, accepting my flaws with compassion and transmuting fear to love and darkness to light. That is my version of perfection. The absolute acceptance of self.

I was going through a major ego lock - That’s when the ego self keeps you feeling trapped in a lower vibrational state of being due to painful attachments from the past especially from my birth family that needed processing.

These are true blessings because triggers point you to what to heal. It’s never about another person, it’s about the state of self and its projection.

Each moon cycle brings up something different that was suppressed in the subconscious.

I felt overwhelmed with sad emotion just before class and within 5 minutes of being in my yoga flow, I was sobbing with joy - euphoric about coming home.

I use the words “coming home” very deliberately .. coming back into the universe within and breaking the locks and heart walls that kept me from experiencing unconditional love from source. Oh was I dowsing in love and joy, the tears couldn’t help but roll. Guru Ram Dass can back me up on this one.

Satnam. This is my truth and identity.

I am. Everything and nothing, I am one and all.. Divine light and love. With each moment I shed layers of my past and redefine my being with love and light. The path of least resistance as I thrive into my true light, climbing the golden stairs to the heaven of all that is.

I felt the kundalini rise through my bandhas (body locks) in my spine as euphoric energy pulsed through my body allowing me the full experience of health, nurturing, connection and movement.

Some of the most profound connections happen after class - We bow to the divine in each other and with the heart so open- every hug feels like the longest, deepest, most genuine and heartfelt hug.

Post session conversations made me feel even more connected - chatting about the flower of life, the angelic connections we felt in class, the UFO connections we’ve experienced, the movements of lightworkers around the world.

I am never alone, I am always guided and I am always attracting soul family and deepening my bonds with my current tribe.

We are one.

Side note ... The vibration in NYC and NJ is so so high!!!!

I’m so excited to intend and manifest for every moment to surpass my expectations by light years— I’m done limiting myself with vision boards and narrow intentions.

My broad intention is now - Divine masculine, divine feminine, creator of all that is, guide me on a path of love and light, show me what needs to be seen and heard.. guide me to fulfill my highest purpose and vibration on this earth and beyond to feel love, to be love and to shine ever so bright with every breath I take.

So be it and it be so. It is done. Thank you!

I’m so grateful for this day, this life and all the beings of light that make this existence ever so soulful. 🙏🌈✨☺️🙏🥰😍♥️🌸💞💓🍯🔥

I bow to the divine in you. Happy New Month.

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