Mission 2020

If the world was fair, this would be taught in school.

This is the core truth.

The core is one.

The one is all.

We are all connected.

Align with universal laws.

Understand noetic science.

The only reality is change. Transform.

This is the sacred geometry that formed the world and it is my intention that though there are many that are awake, the symbols on my page may be a trigger of love to awaken those that are still caught up in the 3D matrix.

I experienced this personally and you can too.

I will make my channels with higher beings of light public in time.

The crystalline grid is getting stronger as the Schumann resonance and earths electro magnetic frequency rises.

My moldovite and quarts pendulums are circling much faster than usual and highly responsive.

2020 is a year of duality, 22 is a master number.

Ascend the duality and modern polarity.

The 4 of abundance will occur relative to your vibration that has everything to do with the ascension and awareness of the path of light and it’s integration.

The wound is where the light enters, as the light is getting stronger, painful and fearful truths that have been lurking in the dark will come to the forefront, this is necessary for the core to heal.

Tapping into mother earths akashic records, there is no such thing as saving earth, this is about saving ourselves. Earth will rejuvenate herself regardless and is.

As we align with the highest frequency, we heal ourselves and the all.

The path of alchemy is to square the circle and find balance between the masculine and feminine, microcosm and the macrocosm, transmuting fear to universal love, the spiritual realm and the material realm.

As above so below, as within so without.

Look deeper into the religious, societal and political beliefs, most separate us all.

Question your beliefs.

Just like the trees that stand still, connecting to each other through consciousness, just as our phones stay immobile yet connect us, we can use our psyche and elements to awaken our 6th sense - mind, body and spirit (666) to activate harmony within all aspects of our being.

Tap into the elements within all matter with your minds eye and all is yours.

Perceive your entanglement.

Take back your power.

Your will is done.

Let there be light.

The time is now.

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